This accountancy practice had grown from a business being operated from the owner’s bedroom to one employing 8 staff. The growth had been organic and because the owner wished to help everyone there was a great variety in the client base. The business had become difficult to control and Heads for Business were asked to assess the situation and recommend an appropriate action plan.

How we helped

In the medium to long term, it was agreed that the business should be prepared for sale.

The first activity was to restructure the operations of the business by identifying and removing historic barriers to development, making internal changes to personnel and updating and clarifying all job roles.

Following this, the business was rebranded and we implemented a marketing strategy, which consequently increased sales by attracting the desired type of customer. This had the twofold effect of improving ongoing business performance and enhancing the value of the business for the prospective purchaser.

Once this part of the project was successful we identified potential buyers, negotiated with them and agreed a sale.


The business owner received a lump sum payment for the business and became free to pursue other avenues of business.

This project was very effective in respect of relieving stress and pressure for a founder member of the business.

The result of this development project was that the owner achieved a full and proper market value for the business, enhanced by the additional release of over £30,000 in ongoing commitments.

Resulting in action.

When I engaged Heads for Business I couldn't see what was happening right in front of me. Dean brought the reality of my situation into sharp focus and gave me choices about how I wished to address it.

Jacqui Dunstan - Director, Castle Accountants


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