A successful business in the construction industry was looking to recruit an in-house bookkeeper. Being conscious of the importance of this role the Directors engaged Heads for Business to generate a Motivational Map for the shortlisted candidates and assist with the final interviews.

How we helped

The insights gained from the Motivational Maps had the twofold effect of helping to identify which of the candidates was more suited to the culture of the business and the role being offered, and provided the new starter’s line manager with a clear understanding of how best to bring the successful candidate into the business.


Being able to understand what motivated the new member of staff meant that she was able to fit into the team seamlessly and was able to hit the ground running. By making the introduction of a new person to an established team smoother, many potential and previously experienced problems were avoid completey.

Aligning the managers approach with the staff members motivational preferences, led to a quickly settled employee working at optiumum efficiency.


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